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A dog training school focused on helping you achieve a strong and joyful relationship with your dog based on trust, understanding and communication.

Why Should You Trust Me with Your Dog?

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I am a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild an organisation for pet professional "Informed by science, Guided by Empathy and Governed by Ethics" TM.

Methods based on fear, force or pain are therefore prohibited at Cani'Laz as well as the related training tools and equipment (choker and semi-choker collar, spiked, electric...) 

I am also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), one of the largest associations of dog trainers in the world. The APDT upholds the highest standards in dog training methods, promoting excellence through ongoing education and knowledge exchange among trainers.  Access to valuable resources keeps me updated on the latest advancements in dog training, fostering continuous professional growth.



My approach to dog training prioritizes the well-being and happiness of both you and your dog. Therefore, I strictly adhere to ethical methods that are rooted in positive reinforcement and canine cognitive science. My goal is to ensure that training sessions are enjoyable, effective, and respectful to your dog and yourself.

Structure adaptée


The school, situated in a calm environment, provides two enclosed outdoor training areas and a covered work area, guaranteeing training sessions regardless of the weather. My utmost priority is creating an environment that promotes effectiveness and enjoyment in every training experience.



My focus extends beyond learning; I strive to establish a welcoming environment where you can not only gain knowledge but also enjoy yourself, and engage with fellow dog lovers. Whether during lessons or afterward, over refreshments and cake, you are encouraged to share your joys and struggles, cultivating a supportive community.



I am fully dedicated to establishing  a learning environment that truly considers your dog's individual needs and sensitivities in every session.  I prioritize your well-being by providing a secure setting where everyone is treated with appreciation and without judgement, regardless of any difficulties they may face.

Cours éducation canine Laz



The dog training classes at Cani'Laz go well beyond teaching basic cues. By prioritizing real-life application, you will gain valuable knowledge and techniques to improve your everyday life with your dog, yielding tangible results.

Through the controlled and enriched environment of Cani'Laz dog school, your dog will acquire key socialization and emotional regulation skills, for an all-around well-adjusted dog, regardless of its age, breed, or category.

By using only force-free and fear-free training methods that are enjoyable for your pet, you will foster a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Moreover, our classes provide a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, guaranteeing your enjoyment while learning how to train your dog.

My objective is to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication and genuine understanding of your beloved dog, promoting a harmonious relationship and a fulfilling life together.


éducation canine - Séance d'orientation

A complimentary one-on-one session to visit the facilities, familiarize yourself with the training method used, and get your questions answered. We'll also discuss your needs and expectations so we can establish an effective training plan tailored just for you


éducation canine - programme fondation

Experience real-life scenarios and see tangible improvements in your daily life through this comprehensive group class program. Designed for puppies to older dogs, this program will equip you with the skills to train, socialize, and enhance your dog's emotional regulation in a format that is both enjoyable and effective.


Cours canin de perfectionnement - Cani'Laz

Take your dog's training and socialization to the next level with these enjoyable and challenging classes. With these flexible sessions building upon the "Foundations" program, you'll further enhance your life with your furry companion while enjoying quality time with him and other like-minded dog lovers.


éducation canine - Cours chien craintif

This specialized class offers one-on-one support to help you understand and support your fearful dog, enabling him to feel more at ease in his daily life. In a controlled environnement, learn techniques, read body language, and implement practical tools to transform his fear into confidence and resilience.


 Positive reinforcement training is a method that focuses on motivating dogs through rewards while considering their emotions. This approach is not only ethical, as it prioritizes animal well-being, but it is also highly effective. Scientific evidence supports its efficacy, not only for teaching fundamental behaviors but also for addressing unwanted behaviors. Furthermore, research indicates that positive reinforcement training yields several benefits, including fostering a more harmonious relationship between humans and their dogs, instilling greater confidence and comfort in dogs within their environment.

Another notable advantage is that positive reinforcement training is enjoyable for humans as well, as it eliminates the need for shouting, scaring, or causing harm to our beloved canine companions.

Bienfaits d'une éducation canine positive
Témoignage Cani'Laz


Pleasantly surprised by the site which is friendly like Julie and very well laid out in a magnificent countryside setting. 2 agility parks (numerous apparatus) allowing to work on separate zone according to the liveliness of our dogs and a sheltered zone (for the rainy days).
Seejoy, our young female Australian Shepherd, very dynamic and very expressive, was delighted to find Julie who gave use a lot of training advice (positive attitude to create a good connection with our dog and technical means to channel her energy) Julie offered Seejoy a Mantrailing session: A REAL DISCOVERY which showed us the capacities of our young novice dog in this discipline and above all the pleasure and interest she had during this nose work. As soon as Julie organizes a new session, I will be happy to bring Seejoy again. Thank you very much to Julie for her availability, her understanding and her training advice.


Activités canine Laz
Fond éducation canine Laz


Have fun with your dog while discovering an array of engaging activities.

Join me at Cani'Laz every Sunday to explore new and exciting activities that will not only allow you to enjoy special moments with your furry friend but also boost their confidence and strengthen the bond between you. Additionally, you'll gain practical tips and techniques to maintain the fun at home, providing ongoing physical and mental enrichment for your dog in your everyday life.

Regardless of your dog's age, breed, training level, or temperament, the activities are tailored to meet your dog's unique needs and abilities. This ensures that you'll have an enjoyable learning experience, surrounded by a joyful and friendly atmosphere filled with like-minded dog enthusiasts.


Décor logo Cani'Laz

My name is Julie, and I am the dedicated dog trainer at Cani'Laz.

My ultimate goal is to empower you to provide the best possible life for your beloved canine companion.

With extensive training and certifications in canine behavior, training, and guardian support, I possess the expertise to help you understand your dog better, train him using positive and ethical methods, and offer guidance on fulfilling his specific needs.

I believe that a fulfilling and joyful relationship with your dog extends beyond training, which is why I also provide opportunities to discover a variety of fun canine activities.

Maintaining professional standards is a top priority for me. I am fully insured, compliant with all necessary declarations, and possess relevant certifications. Your safety is of utmost importance, which is why I am trained in both canine and human first aid. Additionally, I always keep a first aid kit readily available at the Cani'Laz school premises and during activities conducted outside my facility. Your peace of mind is my responsibility.

I look forward to working together to create a harmonious and fulfilling life for you and your dog at Cani'Laz.

Julie, éducatrice canine à Cani’Laz
Information utiles Cani'Laz
informations utiles éducation canine Laz



Take the next step! Book a 1-on-1 free orientation session online to design a personalized journey for you and your dog and get all your questions answered. If you need more information before this session, you can contact me via the contact form, email, or phone. Following the initial Orientation Session, conveniently book all classes and activities online.

Located in southern Finistère, 10 minutes from Briec and Châteauneuf du Faou,  25 minutes from Quimper and 30 minutes from Carhaix


29520 Laz

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Foire aux questions Cani'Laz


Do you provide in-home training?

I believe in providing the highest level of support and guidance to my valued students, which is why I do not offer home visits. By focusing on creating a comprehensive and effective training program at the school, I ensure that you receive the best possible assistance. However, I understand that some situations may require in-home training expertise. In such cases, I am more than happy to refer you to trusted professionals who specialize in home visits.

Do you have separate training classes for puppies?

At Cani'Laz, I believe it is best for both puppies and adult dogs to attend the same training classes. This approach allows puppies to develop in an environment that simulates the conditions they will encounter later in life. However, I understand that the needs and expectations of puppies differ from those of adult dogs. Therefore, I ensure that our training methods and activities are tailored to suit each stage of their development.

I manage the dynamics of mixed-age groups, fostering safe, pleasant, and enriching socialization and learning opportunities for all participants.

Can I bring my older dog to your classes?

Absolutely! There is no age limit when it comes to learning and having fun. In fact, it is especially important to continue stimulating your dog as they grow older. I warmly welcome older dogs to our classes and strongly believe they can benefit greatly from the experience.

When your older dog attends our classes, I take into consideration any physical limitations they may have. I will ensure that the activities and exercises are thoughtfully adapted to suit their individual needs. My priority is their comfort and well-being, guaranteeing they can actively participate in a safe and enjoyable manner.

My dog barks, growls, or is afraid of people or dogs. Can I still participate in your classes or activities?

Yes, it may be possible for you and your dog to participate in our classes or activities, depending on the nature and significance of the issue. To assess the situation accurately, I encourage you to book a free orientation session. During this session, I will have the opportunity to evaluate the difficulties your dog is facing.

Understanding the unique challenges your dog is experiencing will help me determine the best approach to support you both. If necessary, I will direct you to my specialized classes for fearful or reactive dogs. Your comfort and the successful progress of you and your dog are my top priorities.

At my training center, I strive to create a positive and safe environment for all participants. We will work together to address the specific needs of your dog and implement appropriate strategies to help them overcome their behavioral challenges.

Can I participate in the classes with an intact male or a bitch in heat?

Absolutely! At Cani'Laz, we strive to create an environment that closely simulates real-life situations. Precautions and considerations will be taken to prevent any unwanted mating. Additionally, I acknowledge that a bitch in heat may experience changes in behavior or temperament. I will provide special attention and make necessary adjustments to accommodate their needs.

It is important that you inform me at the start of the class if your bitch is in heat. This allows me to make the required adjustments and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Can children attend the classes?

Yes, children are more than welcome to join our classes! However, to ensure the safety of everyone involved, I have established a few guidelines:

  1. Children must not approach dogs that do not belong to them. Respecting personal boundaries is crucial for maintaining a safe and harmonious environment.

  2. During the orientation session, if a child demonstrates the ability to control their dog effectively, they will be allowed to participate in the lessons and activities under the supervision of a responsible adult.

  3. If a child do not yet demonstrates the ability to control their dog, they may observe the sessions from outside the working areas. A dedicated adult, who is not participating in the current session, will have to closely supervise the child to ensure their safety.

By adhering to these rules, we create an atmosphere that prioritizes the well-being and safety of both dogs and humans. I want to provide an inclusive and positive learning experience for everyone involved.

If you have any further questions regarding children's participation in the classes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated and identified to participate in the classes?

Yes, for the safety of all dogs, including puppies, it is essential that your dog is vaccinated and identified. Here are the requirements:

  • Vaccinations: Your dog must be up to date on their vaccines or follow the current vaccination protocol for puppies. The required vaccines include distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus (marked as "CHLP" on the vaccination booklet). These vaccines help protect your dog and prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

  • Identification: At Cani'Laz, it is mandatory to have your dog identified either through a microchip or a tattoo. This not only fulfills a legal requirement but also demonstrates responsible ownership.

During the orientation session, you will be asked to present your dog's vaccination card, which will be checked for compliance. Additionally, the identification number on the chip can be verified .

By adhering to these vaccination and identification guidelines, we create a secure and healthy environment for all participants. It ensures the well-being of your dog and others attending the classes.

If the weather is bad, are the sessions cancelled?

In most cases, sessions are not cancelled due to inclement weather, as I have the flexibility to conduct lessons or certain activities under cover. However, there are specific circumstances when rescheduling may be necessary:

  • Unsafe driving conditions: If the weather poses a risk for driving, such as heavy storms or icy roads, the sessions may be rescheduled for everyone's safety.

  • Extreme temperatures: If the temperatures reach dangerous levels, such as excessive heat or severe cold, where it becomes unsafe for dogs and humans to participate, the sessions may be rescheduled.

  • Activity constraints: If the nature of the activity cannot be conducted under cover, and the weather conditions prevent its safe execution, rescheduling may be required.

To keep you informed, I will make sure to contact you at least 3 hours before the scheduled session via text and email. This way, you will receive timely updates regarding any changes due to the weather.

My priority is to ensure the well-being and safety of all participants. If rescheduling becomes necessary, I will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

Can I come to Cani'Laz with a categorized dog?

Yes, at Cani'Laz, I welcome categorized dogs with the same care and attention as all other dogs, respecting legal obligations. To learn more, I invite you to consult the dedicated page for categorized dogs.

Can I obtain the certification of aptitude for owning a categorized dog at Cani'Laz?

Absolutely! At Cani'Laz, I offer a comprehensive training program for the certification of aptitude for categorized dogs. This program provides a complete education, making a real difference in your relationship with your dog. For all the details of this program, please consult the dedicated page for categorized dogs.

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