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Les fondations éducation canine Laz


Les fondations éducation canine Laz

Learn how to train and socialise your dog using positive training methods for a deep bond and harmonious life toghether

Les fondations éducation canine Laz

This programm welcome both puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds, and training levels. The small group sizes and specially designed curriculum take into account each dog's unique needs and pace, ensuring that you and your furry friend will make great progress together.


This program has been designed to teach you how to educate your dog so that it adopts appropriate behaviors in everyday situations. The classes are both fun and educational, promoting your learning as well as that of your dog. I only use kind and science-based methods, with a maximum of 6 dogs per class to provide personalized attention and follow-up.

The courses follow a structured program that covers a wide range of everyday scenarios, such as:

  • Relaxing at home

  • Walking in urban areas

  • Exploring the countryside

  • Visiting the veterinarian

  • Introducing new dogs and people to your dog

In a safe and adaptable environment, you will learn how to read your dog's body language, motivate and socialize him, and communicate effectively, enabling him to master basic cues such as sit, lie down, recall, stay, as well as feel comfortable with other dogs, people, and situations, ensuring an enjoyable life together.

My goal is to provide you with the techniques and knowledge necessary to become independent in the training of your dog. In addition to the 6 in-person classes, you will receive a comprehensive email each week that delves into the topics covered in the previous session. These explanations will strengthen your understanding and facilitate their integration into your daily life with your dog. The emails will also provide key information on canine language and behavior, helping you better understand your dog and develop a harmonious relationship with him.

Following our program, you'll be able to join the "Improve" class and continue to improve his training and socialisation while conserving this special moment with him.

Learning how to train your dog using positive training methods at Cani'Laz will enable you to:

Améliorer sa socialisation au travers d’expériences positives

Improve your dog socialization 

Le rendre plus confiant et donc plus relax

Improve his confidence 

Pouvoir faire plus de choses avec lui

Be able to do more things with him

Avoir une meilleure communication

Enhance communication between you

Renforcer vos liens

Strengthen your relationship

Assurer sa sécurité

Ensure your dog and others safety

Le stimuler mentalement

Stimulate him mentally

Passer un bon moment !

Have fun with him


Duration and Frequency: 6 one-hour sessions, once a week for 6 consecutive weeks (excluding closure periods).

By reservation: Limit of 6 dogs per class.

Language: Primarily in French, with individualized English translations available upon request. An English-only program can be opened with a minimum of 4 interested students. Contact me if you and other English speakers are interested.

When: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, followed by a friendly moment of discussion. Choose a specific day of the week for the entire program.

Location: Cani’Laz.

Prerequisites: Completed an orientation session.

Price: 150€

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