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Les fondations éducation canine Laz


Les fondations éducation canine Laz

Seek professional guidance during your adoption journey to ensure a serene adoption process and a lasting, fulfilling relationship with your dog.

Les fondations éducation canine Laz

This service is ideal for anyone considering adopting a dog, whether a puppy or an adult. It's designed to assist in selecting the best companion for you and ensuring a smooth integration into your home.

It's especially suitable for first-time adopters, as well as those who understand the importance of an informed, thoughtful adoption process for a harmonious and happy life with their new companion.


During your one-hour consultation at Cani'Laz, you will receive personalized advice tailored to your situation and the various stages of adoption. This comprehensive, individualized approach eliminates confusion caused by contradictory or outdated information from various sources. You will be well-equipped and serene to start this beautiful journey with your new companion.

Depending on your needs, the consultation will focus either on choosing your future companion or on his integration, addressing key points specific to your situation and other essential elements for a smooth transition.

Choosing your future companion :

  • Lifestyle and expectations study : This detailed analysis aims to understand the impact of a new dog's arrival in your life. It considers your daily routine, aspirations, and your home's specifics, identifying if any adjustments are needed to best welcome your future companion..

  • Determining the most suitable type of dog : Based on the analysis of your lifestyle and desires, I will provide customized information to guide you in selecting the breed/type of dog, its age, and its origin (breeder, private individuals, shelter...). This step also includes presenting typical behaviors and specific needs of each option, enabling you to make a well-informed and suitable choice.

  • Choosing the companion : Precise criteria tailored to your needs will be provided to assist you in selecting where to adopt your future dog and in choosing the most suitable individual for you, whether from a litter or a shelter. 

 Integration of your new companion :

  • Integration strategy : You'll receive tailored advice for smoothly integrating your new companion into your daily life. We'll explore the best methods to prepare your home, manage their arrival and first night, and establish suitable routines. Special recommendations will be given for introducing them into homes with other animals or children, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone.

  • Managing unwanted behaviors : Gain effective and positive strategies to manage and prevent undesirable behaviors such as mouthing, destruction, excessive excitement, and barking.

  • Basic training : Learn essential training techniques for potty training, managing being alone, and basic socialization to promote a healthy and balanced development of your dog.

After our consultation, you will receive a personalized report within seven days. This comprehensive document, tailored to your specific situation, will summarize and expand upon the advice and information shared during our session, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge to proceed.

If you're looking to delve deeper into the aspects of adoption or your dog's integration, additional consultations are available at preferential rates. This tailored follow-up aims to support you at every step of your journey with your new companion.

Additionally, following adoption, a 30-minute follow-up session with your new companion is offered free of charge as part of the orientation sessions. In this session, we will assess your dog's integration into his new life, and I will be available to answer any questions and address challenges encountered. You will also have the opportunity to join the Foundations Program with a 10% discount per session, establishing a strong foundation in socialization and training for your dog.

Being accompanied by Cani'Laz in your adoption journey ensures:


Wise choice for optimal suitability


A serene integration, on solid foundations


Reliable advice based on positive methods


Personalized and continuous support

To learn more about how Cani'Laz's pre-adoption accompaniment can meet your specific needs and help you make the best choice for your adoption journey, I invite you to contact me by phone or email. This will be an opportunity to discuss your project and strengthen your confidence in choosing Cani'Laz to guide you on this wonderful adventure.


Duration and Frequency:  1-hour consultation on either choosing your companion or on integration, including a personalized report and a 30-minute post-adoption follow-up session. Additional consultations are available as needed.

By reservation: One household per consultation (participation of all household members is highly recommended).

Language: Consulations can be conducted entirely in English.

When: Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. For upcoming availability, visit the online booking page.

Location: Cani’Laz (video conference option available if needed).

Prerequisites: None

Prices: 50€ for the first consultation, 40€ for subsequent consultations.




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