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Activités éducation canine Laz


Fond éducation canine Laz

Come share a fun moment with your dog while discovering a variety of canine activities to enrich his everyday life.

Les activités canines Cani'Laz
Activité cani'Laz

Discovering new activities with your dog is a great way to :
✔ Strengthen your bond
✔ Build trust and develop his confidence in himself, in you, and his environnements
✔ Improve your communication between each other
✔ Discover new ways to exercice him physically and mentally for a happy and relaxed dog
✔ Have fun and socialize with other dog lovers in a friendly environment


Each session is limited to four dogs, guaranteeing personalized attention that caters to the specific needs of both you and your pup.

My primary aim is to provide you with a truly fun and enjoyable experience while equipping you with practical tools to enrich your dog's life.

During the session, your dog will have two individual slots on the activity, ensuring focused guidance and avoiding contact with other dogs. This creates a safe environment for dogs that experience fear or excessive excitement around other dogs. When your dog is not actively participating, they will remain in the car, giving you the opportunity to observe and learn from other participants as they engage in the activities with their own dogs.


Booking required: Maximum of 4 dogs

When: Sunday from 9.30 am to 11.30 am

Where: Cani'Laz except for Mantrailling which take place in a 10km radius from the school

Prerequisites: Completed an orientation session. From the 1st of February 2024, it will  be required to have participated in Cani’Laz's individual or group training classes to book activities.

Price: 25 € (20€ for students of training class

"Nose work"


Activité "Flair"

"Obstacle course"


Activité "Parcours d'obstacles"

"Communication" activities

Activités canine autres
Activité "Flair" Cani'Laz

"Nose work" activities

Did you know that dogs have a sense of smell 1,000 to 10,000 times more developed than humans? I invite you to discover your own dog's olfactory talents through a variety of activities that promote initiative, concentration, and relaxation. These activities are particularly suited to dogs who need to gain confidence or relax.


Mantrailing is a discipline in which the dog, equipped with a harness and a long line, must guide you on the trail of the "missing" person. It is an activity that all dogs love and understand very quickly. This fun activity allows you to reverse roles, as you will have to follow your dog's guidance and understand their communication signals.

Mantrailing is the only activity that does not take place on the school grounds. The chosen locations are all within a 10 km radius around the school. The meeting point will be communicated to you by email after your reservation, along with a list of the necessary equipment, which can also be lent to you if needed.


The Cani-investigation is a fun nose work activity that can be adapted to suit all dogs. This easy-to-learn and readily applicable  activity helps develop confidence and focus in dogs, while providing great mental and physical exercise. It is an ideal activity to promote calmness and provide extra physical and mental exercise during times when it may be difficult to provide it through other means, such as inclement weather, if you or your dog are experiencing health issues, or your dog's behavioural issues. It is also a great activity for children and their dogs to bond over in a calm way, under adult supervision.

During the session, you will learn how to get your dog excited about using its nose to seek out treat rewards hidden in boxes in a calm and methodical manner. You can then expand the game to entire rooms or outdoor areas.

As your dog grows more confident with the activity, target odors are introduced  to expand the range of possibilities even further.


"Obstacle course" activities

The "obstacle course" activities are perfect for high-energy dogs who need to channel their focus and burn off some extra steam as well as dogs who need to gain confidence and build body awarness.

By employing an easy and enjoyable approach, those activities enhances communication between you and your dog while developing their ability to concentrate, their confidence and their physical fitness levels.


The "Agility" activity consists of a series of jumps, tunnels, balance beams, climbing structures, and more. Taught using a fun and easy approach, your dog will learn how to pass through each obstacle, building their confidence and improving their body awarness along the way. And best of all, once your dog has mastered the different element, you'll have the opportunity to run a full course with them, giving them a chance to show off their newfound skills and have fun together!!  By fully adapting the activity to your dog's individual needs, it is accessible to puppies, dogs with reduced mobility, older dogs and all breeds.


Hooper is a fast, fun activitie that is suitable for dog's and owners of all fitness levels. By guiding your pooch through a series of hurdles while off-leash, you'll help them learn how to stay focused while in high spiritsIdeal for puppies or senior dogs as there is no jump so it’s kind to joints. Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels with the same pace and excitement as agility. Dogs find it exhilarating! They love running and letting off steam around the course. The fun things about hooper is once you’ve learned the basics you can definitely do it at home. Recreate easily a course in you garden or in a park with some everyday equipement and you all set-up to spend quality time with you dog


"Communication" activities

These carefully crafted activities are designed to truly improve your everyday life with your beloved canine companion, nurturing a deeper understanding and establishing effective communication for a harmonious relationship.

Each session is meticulously tailored to your unique needs, both for you and your pooch. By prioritizing what truly matters to you, you will receive personalized guidance and achieve results similar to those of an individual lesson. While still having the opportunity to experience the advantages of a supportive and enjoyable group environment.

Cooperative care (soins cooperatifs)

One of the most valuable ways you can support your dog's well-being is by ensuring that everyday manipulations and necessary care are as stress-free and familiar as possible.

In this activity, you will learn techniques to encourage your dog to actively participate and even enjoy common manipulations, veterinary and grooming procedures. Through the development of trust, clear communication, and a solid reinforcement history, your dog will become comfortable which will deepen the bond between you.

Each session is customized to address your specific needs, allowing you to choose the procedures you want to focus on.

Tricks and fun'obedience (tours et obé'fun)

Are you interested in teaching your dog new tricks? Perhaps you envision a dog that can play dead, or maybe you have a dog that is always eager to learn but you're in need of fresh ideas.

Alternatively, would you like to explore obedience training and engage in various exercises like heeling, recall, absence, object retrieval, hurdle jumping, and square throwing, all in a fun and enjoyable manner?

This activity provides you with the opportunity to learn a wide range of tricks and obedience exercises, allowing you to choose the ones you wish to explore or refine with your dog. I will guide you step by step in teaching these behaviors to your dog, taking into account their current level and natural abilities.

Not only will this activity enable you to perfect useful behaviors for your dog's daily life, but it will also teach you how to mentally and physically stimulate your dog everyday in a fun and enjoyable way for both of you.




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