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A propos de Cani'Laz - Ecole d'éducation canine


A propos de Cani'Laz - Ecole d'éducation canine

Cani'Laz, dog training school, was born from the intersection of a story, core values and a unique location.

A propos de Cani'Laz - Ecole d'éducation canine
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Julie, dog trainer and founder of Cani'Laz


It all began with my dog, Epona, who was naturally shy and fearful, especially around other dogs. After seeking help from various professionals using methods often conflicting and harsh, I decided to educate myself.  As a scientist, I soon delved into the latest research on canine cognition and training methods and uncovered effective and ethical methods that greatly improved Epona's fearfulness as well as our relationship and the ones I had with my other two dogs.

Driven by my love for teaching and the desire to share my knowledge, I became a volunteer dog trainer at a local dog training club. This experience led me to find my calling - to help humans better understand and train their dogs for a more joyful life together.

After further educationg myself, I created Cani'Laz, a school offering classes using ethical, science-based training methods for all dogs in a kind and supportive environment for both dogs and their guardians.


Attestation de Connaissances pour les Animaux de Compagnie d'Espèces Domestiques N°2022/1648-fb26 (Cfora_Canispirit)

Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species N°2022/1648-fb26 (Cfora_Canispirit)

Certificat d'Études pour les Sapiteurs au Comportement Canin et à l'Accompagnement des Maîtres. (CNF Pro)

Certificate of Studies in Canine Behavior and Accompaniment of Masters. (CNF Pro)

Diplôme Accrédité Professionnel en Comportement Canin.  (Canines Principes)

Accredited Professional Diploma in Canine Behaviour (ongoing).  (Canines Principes)

Cani-investigation : jeux de recherche olfactive. (Y'a pas d'os)

Cani-investigation: nose work games. (Y a pas d'Os)

Formation aux Premiers Secours Canin et Félin. (Humanimal)​

Training in Canine and Feline First Aid. (Humanimal)​

Transports d'animaux vivants - Chiens et chats. (AnimalSup)

Transport of live animals - Dogs and cats. (AnimalSup)

Éducatrice bénévole en club canin. 1 an. (Société Centrale Canine)

Volunteer trainer in a dog club. 1 year. (Central Canine Society)

Nos valeurs a Cani'Laz


At Cani'Laz, my mission is to enhance the relationship between you and your dog through effective, positive training methods. My aim is to foster confident, well-behaved dogs that bring joy to your life.


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Respecting the welfare and emotional needs of both dog and their guardians.

I strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you and your furry companion can grow and learn through ethical dog training methods.


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Enabling all dogs to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life.


I have at heart to be able to offer training opportunities and acess to fun activities to all dogs regardless of their difficulties, abilities, age, breed, category and gender.


Convivialté Cani'Laz

Creating a supportive and welcoming atmosphere

I am dedicated to fostering a enriching,  positive and enjoyable experience for all participants both during training classes and activities.  


Set amidst 6 hectares of beautiful farmland, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, the facilities are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing an adaptable, comfortable, and relaxing environment to train in.


Cani'Laz dog training  school features the following amenities:

  • Two fully enclosed outdoor training areas, equipped with a woodchip surface and shaded by trees in summer for comfort and year-round use.

  • A covered training area that ensures classes and activities can proceed without disruption, even on rainy days.

  • A hospitality area complete with picnic tables, where you can relax and recharge after group classes or activities, enjoying refreshments, including cold or hot drinks and delicious homemade cake.

  • Convenient off-road parking for added peace of mind.

  • Eco-friendly dry toilets for a sustainable and hygienic experience.


The equipment selection features:

  • A complete course of agility and hooper  

  • A well-stocked supply of toys, treat pooches, harnesses, longe lines, and leashes, so you can experiment and find what works best for your dog and you.

  • Everyday items like bicycles, vacuum cleaners, stroller and more, to help your dog continually develop its socialization skills.

  • A variety of farm animals, providing hands-on opportunities to build your dog's comfort level around a wide range of stimuli.

Témoignages Cani'Laz


Julie gently allows us to understand our dog. She brings us a maximum of tips to create a harmonious relationship with our doggie! I also participated in mantrailling, my two dogs (3 years old and 10 months old) quickly understood! Julie accompanies us and explains to us the reactions of the dog, his stops where he thinks... the sessions are spent in relaxation and good humor!


Informations utiles Cani'Laz
Informations utiles Cani'Laz


Take the next step! Book a 1-on-1 free orientation session online to design a personalized journey for you and your dog and get all your questions answered. If you need more information before this session, you can contact me via the contact form, email, or phone. Following the initial Orientation Session, conveniently book all classes and activities online.

Located in southern Finistère, 10 minutes from Briec and Châteauneuf du Faou,  25 minutes from Quimper and 30 minutes from Carhaix


29520 Laz

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