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Cours éducation canine Laz


Cours éducation canine Laz

Create a joyful and harmonious life with your dog at Cani'Laz.

Tailored to your dog's unique needs, the classes are based upon ethical and effective training methods in a friendly atmosphere.

Les cours Cani'Laz à Laz


Experience Cani'Laz and discuss your specific requirements.

terrain éducation canin

A complimentary one-on-one session to visit the facilities, familiarize yourself with the training method used, and get your questions answered. We'll also discuss your needs and expectations so we can establish an effective training plan tailored just for you.


Create a firm base for a harmonious life with your dog

éducation positive canine - Fondations

Experience real-life scenarios and see tangible improvements in your daily life through this comprehensive group class program. Designed for puppies to older dogs, this program will equip you with the skills to train, socialize, and enhance your dog's emotional regulation in a format that is both enjoyable and effective.


Elevate your training and relationship with
your dog

éducation positive canine - Cours de perfectionnement

Take your dog's training and socialization to the next level with these enjoyable and challenging classes. With these flexible sessions building upon the "Foundations" program, you'll further enhance your life with your furry companion while enjoying quality time with him and other like-minded dog lovers.


Build confidence and resilience in your
fearful dog

chien craintif - Cours d'éducztion positive

This specialized class offers one-on-one support to help you understand and support your fearful dog, enabling him to feel more at ease in his daily life. In a controlled environnement, learn techniques, read body language, and implement practical tools to transform his fear into confidence and resilisence.


Transform your dog's
feelings towards
other dogs

chien reactif.jpg

Transform your dog's negative reactions and feelings towards other dogs into positive ones through this one-on-one sessions. Held in a controlled and secure environment with a specially trained dog and handler, you'll learn ethical methods to change your dog's perception of other dogs, ensuring future enjoyable outings together.

Témoignages clients Cani'Laz


Pleasantly surprised by the site which is friendly like Julie and very well laid out in a magnificent countryside setting. 2 agility parks (numerous apparatus) allowing to work on separate zone according to the liveliness of our dogs and a sheltered zone (for the rainy days).
Seejoy, our young female Australian Shepherd, very dynamic and very expressive, was delighted to find Julie who brought us a lot of education advice (positive attitude to create a good connection with our dog and technical means to channel her energy) Julie offered Seejoy a Mantrailing session: A REAL DISCOVERY which showed us the capacities of our young novice dog in this discipline and above all the pleasure and interest she had during this research work. As soon as Julie organizes a new session, I will be happy to suggest it again to Seejoy. Thank you very much to Julie for her availability, her listening and her educational advice.


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